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About MotherLOVE

MotherLOVE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit started by bereaved mothers for bereaved mothers. Our mission is to empower grieving mothers to move beyond survival to living well through living love. We do this through evidence-based programming that combines mindfulness, proven techniques for increasing well-being, and opportunities for love in action – all in a supportive environment of like-situated mothers. MotherLOVE encourages and enables grieving mothers to live more conscious, compassionate and courageous lives filled with meaning, purpose and joy.

The death of a child is consistently ranked as one of the most painful and stressful events an adult can experience, which can have long-term lasting effects linked with complicated and traumatic grief reactions. On the upside, numerous studies have concluded that finding meaning in life and a renewed sense of life purpose is key to resilience, recovery and long-term functioning. MotherLOVE’s evidence-base programs provide the tools for bereaved mothers to rebuild their capacity to live meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Nondenominational: Mindful and with deep respect and acknowledgment of the importance of religious and spiritual beliefs, practices, and rituals in the grief, survival, and ultimate flourishing for many bereaved mothers’ journeys, MotherLOVE is nondenominational and open to all bereaved mothers from all or no religious and spiritual backgrounds. While MotherLOVE is not a spiritually-based organization per se, all faiths are welcome and honored as part of the whole of the circle of women that comprise MotherLOVE. Where any of our programs are based in or have religious/spiritual specific components (for instance, mission trips to orphanages with Christian partner organizations), this information will be made readily and clearly available in the MotherLOVE organizational literature.

Socioeconomic and Racial Diversity: With the keen awareness that the death of a child strikes mothers from all socioeconomic and racial backgrounds, MotherLOVE offers our programs in central and numerous venues to reach the greatest number of mothers in need and achieve maximum impact.

*Our programs are recommended for bereaved mothers one or two (or more years) after the death of a child (depending on the program). Where a program has broad application to assist mothers in any stage of the grief process, it will be open to all bereaved mothers.

** MOTHERLOVE’s Speaker Series with top Positive Psychology experts is open to both bereaved mothers and fathers.

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