Marcie Warrington, Founder and President

Marcie is the mother of three sons. Her oldest son Johnny died in 2005, a week before graduating from high school. Love for her sons, family, friends, strangers and, mostly, the unexpected extraordinary fullness of Life has been her compass. Marcie’s background is in law and philanthropy. Her passions include the study of world religions, spiritual practice, writing, travel, beauty in all of its forms, and the everyday joys of living a spontaneous life.

Paula Comisar, Vice President

Paula, mother of two children, lost her 17 year old daughter Kenzie in a car accident in 2002. Paula is a role model for the good life. She dedicates her time to her family, exquisite garden, precious dog, golf, and time spent with friends. She serves on numerous boards supporting her local community and more often than not is off to some exotic location exploring, usually on foot, the wonders of the world. Only Paula would dream of including an elephant orphanage in MotherLOVE’s mission trips. We can’t wait!

Janel Carroll Walker, Treasurer

Janel is the mother of a two thriving children and two new step children. She is COO and Principal of a nationally recognized top wealth management firm located in Cincinnati. Unlike the rest of the board, she has not experienced the death of a child and can be counted on to follow through on any responsibility on any given day or month of the year, except when watching the Fighting Irish. We cannot express enough our gratitude for her fantastic work in the important role as Treasurer.

Katie Slattery, Secretary

Katie’s first son, Will, died at eleven months of age after surgery for a life-threatening heart condition. Thereafter, she served as a liaison between doctors and families in the Emergency Room of the Lancaster Fairfield Community Hospital. Katie went on to have five healthy and wonderful children, all thriving young adults today. Her children are not only the heart and soul of her life, but her proudest accomplishment. Katie has served on various boards, including the Indian Hill School Board and The Camargo Hunt, combining her two great passions, children and horses.

Deborah Penn Barton

Deborah is the mother of three children. Her oldest son Collin died in a tragic accident in 2012. She is an actress and model with a flare for fashion and creating beauty. If you look closely you can find her wandering her way down the street as Cate Blanchett’s body double in CAROL, released in fall 2016. She’s the tall, skinny, blonde who lights up the screen and the lives of all who know her.

Diane Buse Ash

Diane is the fun loving mother of three sons. Her second son, Andrew, died in a car accident in 2008 at the age of 18. Diane splits her time between Cincinnati and Nantucket. Fun is the common thread of her life, wherever she may be, as is her bright beautiful smile. Orange butterflies, particularly Monarchs, follow Diane wherever she goes.

Sharron DiMario

Sharron is a Cincinnati native with over 20 years serving the Greater Cincinnati community in non-profit management and administration, and extensive community service.  She has been honored twice as one of Greater Cincinnati’s “100 Wise Women.” After the death of her son and only child Gino, Sharron and her husband Michael founded the Gino James DiMario Memorial Scholarship at UC CCM Preparatory Department (2005 – present) and the Gino DiMario Memorial Fine Arts Fund at St. Ursula Villa (2005 – present).

Elizabeth Jacobs

Liz started her life in Toronto, Ontario until moving to Cincinnati with her family in 1978. She attended Walnut Hills High School and went on to receive a BS in Marketing from the Ohio State University. She raised her children in Cincinnati. After college, her son Blake moved to Seattle and her daughter Olivia moved to NYC.  She is currently working as a General Manager for Salon Beck.