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City Silence and the True Body Project

City Silence is an international network of community mindfulness gatherings, providing a no-cost, barrier-free introduction to silence, meditations, and mindfulness practices. Additionally, City Silence partners with workplaces, nonprofits, and schools to provide mindfulness training and practices to work, service and classroom settings. Stacy Sims, founder of the True Body Project and City Silence, leads City Silence mindfulness sittings throughout Cincinnati and workshops on how trauma and stress habituate in the body and body-based, felt-sense, mindful movement can help down-regulate the nervous system for those suffering from chronic, toxic stress and/or trauma. Stacy is a recognized mind body educator in the U.S and abroad.

VIA Institute on Character

The VIA (Values in Action) Institute on Character is a non-profit organization in Cincinnati, Ohio created in 2000 by Dr. Neal Mayerson under the guidance of Dr. Martin Seligman, the founder of Positive Psychology. As a non-profit, positive psychology organization and the home of the world’s largest database on character and character strengths, VIA Institute’s mission is to unleash the strengths within all of us to build a better world. Their website provides the only free, online, scientifically validated survey of character strengths. Character research shows that knowing and applying our unique character strength profile increases our life satisfaction and well-being. VIA Institute’s goal is to provide simple and effective tools for each of us to learn more about our unique character strengths and our personalized pathways to happiness.

Ryan Niemiec is a licensed psychologist, certified coach, international workshop leader, adjunct professor at Xavier University and adjunct faculty at the University of Pennsylvania. He has led several hundred mindfulness meditation groups over the last decade, and is the creator of Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP). He is Education Director of the VIA Institute on Character and author of a number of books, including Mindfulness and Character Strengths: A Practical Guide to Flourishing.

Women Writing for (a) Change

Women Writing for (a) Change is a Cincinnati based 501(c)(30 nonprofit organization. For over 20 years, Women Writing for (a) Change has nurtured and celebrated the individual voice by facilitating supportive writing circles and by encouraging women to craft more conscious lives through the art of writing and the practices of community. Through sharing writing in a non-competitive community, writing enriches womens lives and becomes a tool for transformation and change.

Back2Back Minstries

Back2Back Ministries is an international Christian non-profit organization dedicated to being a voice for orphans. Back2Back’s mission is to love and care for orphans and vulnerable children by meeting their spiritual, physical, educational, emotional and social needs that they might overcome their life circumstances and break free from the cycle of generational poverty. Each year, Back2Back facilitates mission trips for hundreds of students, individuals, families and businesses providing an opportunity to make a lasting difference for vulnerable children. Trips provide both opportunities for teams to connect with the children through a relational ministry approach as well projects are designed to improve the physical surroundings of the orphanages and communities where Back2Back serves.

Lucy Hone

Lucy Hone is an academic expert in the science of resilience. Trained by Karen Reivich and Martin Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania, and completing her PhD studies through AUT University’s Human Potential Centre, Lucy’s work is focused on discovering the best ways to transfer the academic findings of wellbeing and resilience science to real people living real lives. In 2014, Lucy’s 12 year old daughter, Abi, was killed in a tragic road accident. Armed with the resources she used in her resilience practice, Lucy set about testing the findings and theories of resilience research to asses their effectiveness during bereavement. Her book, Resilient Grieving: Findling Strengh and Embracing Life After a Loss That Changes Everything (The Experiment: 2017) is available in North America (Originally published in Australia and New Zealand as What Abi Taught Us.)


Utsavastu was founded by renowned artist Radha Lakshmi in 2008. “Utsav” meaning festival, characterizes the colour, gaiety, as well as rituals that accompany a festival. ‘Vastu’ meaning to ‘dwell’, is a science that aims to establish harmonious and sacred spaces using the energies of the universe. “Utsavastu” incorporates the essence of vastu and brings the exuberance of celebration through colour, patterns and natural materials to create sacred spaces through various mediums of art. Radha draws on her rich spiritual, cultural and artistic heritage from India and her extensive international artistic study and practice to enhance our relationship with nature and bring the sacred into our lives. She creates sacred spaces that recognize and honor the seasons and life cycles. Each artistic creation serves as a reminder that change is a natural and positive process of life. Creating and surrounding ourselves with images and objects that have personal meaning reinforce the sacredness of everyday life.

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