MotherLOVE Programs

MotherLOVE’s evidence-based programs focus both on Living Well and Living Love. Living Well programs consists of workshops that provide bereaved mothers tools and methods for healing, integration, and transformation to provide greater meaning, purpose and growth, also called “flourishing” in scientific circles. Living Love programs provide volunteer opportunities to tap the eternal spring of mother love through service in action throughout the world.

Additionally, MotherLOVE’s website provides mothers with experiential content based on existing programs, including videos, exercises, and audio recordings.You will find inspiration through writings, articles from experts in their field, and a blog that provides a safe haven for bereaved mothers to share as teachers and learners.

In 2017, Living Well programs include Healing Trauma in the Mind and Body; Positive Psychology’s Signature Character Strengths Coaching for a Happier Life; Women’s Writing Circles; and Creating Mandala for Honoring and Celebrating Your Child’s Life.  Love in Action programs include a mission trip to Haiti to support and work with orphans with Back2Back Ministries.

*Our programs are recommended for bereaved mothers one or more years after the death of a child. Check our programs to find specific information.